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    Name: Artemis Circe
    Age: 20
    Gender: Female

    Personality: A victim of circumstance, Artemis is often assumed to have a bitterly cold, anti-social personality. She is a loner, very much content in her own company. Determined almost beyond belief, she pushes herself to succeed in everything she desires - almost as if she is scared of what would happen if she was to fail.

    An independent soul, Artemis can also be very stubborn. She is uneasy around strangers, and doesn't trust others very easily. She can be appealing; a persuasive and smooth talker (when she wants to be), but is often content being unseen in the shadows.

    There may be a self-confidence issue beneath the stony exterior, but Artemis would never let anyone see her weaker side. She also rarely displays emotion. Haunted by her earliest memories of childhood in the darkest corners of Naranum, and by the mysterious disappearance of her father, Artemis fights against her inner demons in much the same way she would resolve a conflict in life - alone.

    Appearance: Not overly tall, nor overly short, Artemis is a decidedly average young woman. About 5'11", her thin frame hides powerful muscles, though her toned body is not for show. She prefers to dress as a boy, tucking her shoulder-length brown hair up under a leather cap when she is not undertaking her training for the Viragos. Her round face, retrousse nose and lack of feminine development helped her pose as a boy when roaming Naranum.

    Her ice-blue eyes are perhaps her only noticable feature. People who have seen them up close (and lived to tell the tale) have often claimed Artemis can see into their very soul. What she is searching for, no-one knows, but her piercing glare can unsettle even the most hardened warriors.

    When off duty, she wears loose black cotton trousers with elastic around the mid-calf, the hems of which tuck into jet black boots built for silent movement. She wears a loose fitting, white cotton shirt with a slightly low neckline under a black cotton vest, giving her a slightly more bulky appearance; almost the look of a fifteen-year-old boy. Artemis also owns a thick, pitch-black travelling cloak (with hood) that comes in handy in cold weather or in times when it is vital to be 'invisible'.

    Born in a small farmhouse on the south-eastern face of Mount Paranceus, overlooking the picturesque Vaeln Forest, Artemis Circe was the only daughter of less-than-wealthy parents. Her mother died shortly after giving birth, so her father, Ashton, raised her.

    Always an eager learner, Artemis began walking at a young age, quickly learning to adjust to the difficult terrain of the mountainside, soon becoming able to keep her balance and manoeuvre efficiently in even the most trying of circumstances. She learned to reason and think independently, as she often had to venture out alone to collect food or supplies for her father. Ashton disappeared without a trace when Artemis was just eleven years old, leaving her to fend for herself.

    Artemis knew the town of Naranum was just on the other side of the mountain, yet she waited through the winter for her father to return. Shortly after her twelfth birthday, Artemis decided her father was not coming back for her, so she set off for the city.

    Though brilliant, the ardelyte and magical flame lighting Naranum around the clock combined with the frenzied architecture creates shady undertones. It was into these undertones that Artemis stumbled, a twelve year old on the streets of the city that never sleeps. The memories of this time sometimes force their way into her dreams, though Artemis does her best to keep them secure behind her facade. With minimal natural resources at hand, Artemis was forced to adapt to survive.

    Her fleet-footedness, learned amongst the treetops and rock faces of Mount Paranceus, served her well amid the chaotic architecture. Parkour came naturally to her; pedestrians would often catch glimpses of her silhouette; black hair whipping wildly behind her, as she flashed across rooftops, moving with the grace and power of a panther. A glimpse is all they'd catch, however, for she was far too swift.

    Her overall 'plainness' helped her blend in easily. In fact, if Artemis didn't want to be seen, she often wasn't. She could take a man's purse from his left pocket and place it in his right without him noticing and, despite her anti-social tendancies, if the situation called for it, Artemis could be very persuasive; often using all of her assets to her advantage.

    As the years passed, Artemis began to hear whispers of a sniper force that only women were admitted to; the Viragos. With her knowledge of stealth and parkour from her years alone in the city of Naranum, coupled with the weight of her missing father and her desire to find him once more, she decided it was time to set out and find them.

    That was four years ago. Although she has undertaken much training in the name of becoming a fully fledged Virago (hopefully the singular term), she still has a way to go.

    Legend: Ciefe

    Strength - 12
    Dexterity - 15
    Constitution - 12
    Intelligence - 14
    Wisdom - 14
    Charisma - 12

    Ranged Weapon Mastery [Intermediate]
    Arcana [Intermediate]
    Illusion (Primary)
    Conjuration (Secondary)
    Abjuration (Tertiary)

    Roleplay Sample: As I said before, first time RPer, so this is something I've just made up now. A little bit of an 'Intro to Artemis' so to speak.

    Artemis stood perfectly balanced amongst the highest brances of the tree-top town of Resapha, gazing out across the vivid orange ocean. Her face set in its usual steely gaze, the cool northerly breeze ruffled her loose clothing. To anyone else, the height would be disconcerting. Artemis, who had grown up playing in the tree-tops, this place was more 'home' than anywhere in the city below her. This tree, the tallest bar the headquarters of the Viragos and the Marxetian Square, was her favourite place. She often watched the sunset from this vantage point; the shimmering, mystical forcefield surrounding the town served to make brilliant colours even more emphatic.

    It was the privacy of the place she liked the most though. Up here, no-one could bother her. No-one could disturb her peace; no-one could interrupt her thoughts. She had a job tonight. A mission for the Viragos, no less. Despite the immense beauty of the sight before her, Artemis couldn't focus on anything other than her mission. It was a long time since she had killed a man. Four years, in fact; ever since she left Naranum, hoping to find the Viragos, hoping to leave her nightmares behind her, never to return. In the end, it was her superior knowledge of Naranum that caused her to be selected to undertake the mission. As usual, she had no back-up. Artemis always liked to work alone.

    She spread her arms wide, standing as if she was on the bow of a ship sailing into the sunset. Black shadows began swirling at her fingertips, the wispy strands moving of their own accord. The strands combined, forming a concentrated black mist, swirling and shimmering at her wrists. The mist spread slowly at first, climbing steadily up her forearms, covering her elbows then her biceps. Upon reaching her shoulders, the mist flowed quickly around her, covering her from neck to toe, the black shadows splaying where her feet met the tree branch she was standing on. The shadow shimmered, then solidified and now Artemis stood fully cloaked, a slight smirk playing on her pink lips. She had only recently perfected the technique needed to conjure her cloak, she was still quietly impressed with herself. She reached over her shoulders, her fingers brushing through her loose brown hair - she'd deal with that later - pulling the hood of her cloak over her head. She stood perfectly still but for an instant; a figure clad in black, an almost perfect silhouette, her ice-blue eyes gazing out over the miraculous sunset diffused elegantly by the shimmering forcefield surrounding Resapha, as if she was trying to remember something was fractionally evading the grasp of her mind. A split-second later, she had disappeared, leaping gracefully over the tree-tops, moving towards her next target, towards the man this man from Naranum that needed to die. He was to meet his justice tonight, and Artemis would introduce them.

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