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    Originally Posted by Curious. View Post

    I think you've forgotten about Fantina haha.

    I'm only really expecting a few minor changes in regards to the Gym Leaders in BW2. I don't think they'll implement a new electric gym, and I do hope they don't implement triple/rotational battle in gym fights, since I hate them to pieces. I honestly don't know why, but I prefer single/double battle, none of this over-the-top battling styles. :< What I reaaally want though is a Dark Type Gym like you said. I think if Gamefreak were to do this, I'd want it as an 8th or so gym, being extremely challenging as I found Karyn to be. ;; k total nub.
    I'm taking it at the time of the Generation III gaming, you didn't like the twins at all either, because you disliked the Double Battle idea? :
    P Time to bring out the seal:

    Which Gym Leader(s) do you think is the most annoying or the toughest? Can you provide a top 3 list?
    I found them to be a pain in the butt with that Solrock and Lunatone. My goodness, they were quite annoying, in my opinion! Then there's that Miltank, Whitney has. I found her to be a very frustrated Gym Leader, at that time. This being in Generation II that is. I didn't have that much of a problem with her in Generation IV myself. And the 3rd one would be hard to choose. I would probably have to go with Claire with that Kingdra. That Kingdra can be a pain sometime. So I'm going with these three:

    1. Twins-Tate & Liza with Solrock and Lunatone
    2. Whitney with Miltank
    3. Clarie with Kingdra