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    Originally Posted by OokamiReki View Post
    Here is a new topic for everyone:

    If you were a gym leader, and you had Lucario as one of your Pokemon, what type of gym leader would you be? (It does not have to be fighting or steel)
    If I was a gym leader, and I had Lucario as one of my Pokemon, I would probably be a Psychic gym leader, only because I can't see myself being the leader of most other types.
    I think with this new topic, Lucario would have to learn or know that exact typing in order to be a part of the gym Like you would be a Psychic gym leader, Lucario would have to know a Psychic (like the move itself, Psychic) type attack as one of the four move set. Agreed? (Of course Fight and Steel are an exception due to having those typing himself anyway!)

    Let's see here. I would definitely become a gym leader for one of two types.

    #1- Dark Type:
    Well honestly, there has never been a Dark type gym before. So I would like to change that myself. One of my favorite moves ever is also Dark Pulse. Teaching that to Lucario would be amazing!

    #2- Dragon Type:
    I love dragons, not just Pokemon but anywhere. And I would definitely become a Dragon type gym leader since it is possible to be one of the toughest types to face out there. Of course, Lucario, along with Kingdra, could ease up that Ice type weakness, along with that Dragon type weakness! Able to learn another pulse move, Dragon Pulse, Lucario would be an excellent Dragon type supporter.