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    Since activity has been off the pace lately, mind if I brought in a new topic? Of course, I'm just imaginative!

    What would you name and how would you design a secretly new Pokemon that could be a long lost relative to the twins?

    Well for one, I would name it Laties. With a long E sound, don't make it sound like -ties at the end haha

    I wouldn't make it as strong as the twins, perhaps maybe a tad weaker like Keldeo is to the Swordsmen Trio. I would give the color Green since it matches the name best. Shiny Form=Yellow? It would have his own signature move, "Magical Sight" and have a stronger base power than those of [email protected] About 80, 85? Attack with eye sight, lower the target's stats all by one stage. Would make the base stats none of the same for the Eon Twins, but every stats at 100. Maybe be placed with those of Mew/Celebi/Jirachi/Manaphy/Shaymin/Victini?

    Another would be Latius. I would make this one black in design, and shiny forum pure whiteness all around. Perhaps and older sibling, who took care of Laties like it was a child to it. Has the perfect base power of 100. The signature move I would suggest it is "Mind Confusion." Has a 25% chance of lowering all the target's stats by one stage, and a 30% chance of confusion, and has an item, "Gaze Orb" when held would offer a 30% chance of Paralyze instead of confusion, and "Sleep Orb" for sleeping matters. Would make its base stats fairly identical to Latios.