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Originally Posted by Sector Revenge View Post


Who has the best personality in the Anime? Explain.
I hardly remember any of the gym leader's personalities in the anime, apart from Pryce's. I remember that Whitney was given a whiny little girl personality, which was one I like since it was so original, but the ice of Pryce is still keeping me in place, thinking that he is the one with the best personality. Because honestly, as I mentioned before, he does seem like a real prick at first, and he is hard to respect when he basically doesn't care whether the Pokémon gets hurt or not, and even scolds Ash for trying to protect Pikachu. But as said, as the story carries on and he gets back his Mamoswine, his cold heart was melted, and he was once again able to love the Pokémon as he did before. Now he may not have a favorable personality compared to other's, but I really liked the development in his personality, which is why I like his the best.