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    No words...

    This is SO, SO, SO, GOOOOOD!!
    The actual Pokemon anime needs to take some tips.

    I freakin love the new Team Plasma people, and the shadow triad are so badass.

    My love for Arcanine.... Grew greatly. Seriously, how it jumped out and took down that Seviper like that... wow.

    Akuroma is mysterious... I love that!

    Lucario <3<3<3

    Bianca is even more of a cutie! So adorable! <3<3

    Don't EVER underestimate Emboar. Serperior? Get outta here, you can't protect your trainer like that.

    I LOVE Elesa's new look! Assuming that is Elesa.

    So it looks like Cheren will be getting involved in the plot! Awesome, I hope you can rematch him later on.

    This trailer is just... SO AMAZING.

    I really hope they make an anime out of this, not that "Best Wishes" garbage. Get rid of Ash, we don't want him anymore.
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