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I decided I'm posting my UTAU stuff in here too. Its technically music making. Just with voices as instruments instead of digital instruments. C:

I have only 3 UTAU of my voice, but I don't use them frequently. I rather use my friends. Unfortunately not all of them have good mics or some reason their files get corrupted meaning I have to just use like 10 of their syllables to makeshift words. Either way it is FUN!


I didn't make all of these USTs, but I did extensively edit them, some to the point that they might as well be mine XD;;.

Hana Bob & Hana Futashi

Voiced by my brothers, they usually duet songs and are kind of like boyband superstars in that regard~. Futashi's voice is more suited for pop songs with higher pitches and fancy pantsy stuff. He typically sings lead in songs. Bob has a more nasally voice, and much deeper and gravelly. He is suited better for some rocking songs when he solos, but he makes great back up to his brother.

Their recordings are pretty high quality as they use my mic.

Hana Bob sings 'Yuragi':

Hana Futashi sings 'Clingy Boy':

Both duet on the pop hit 'Loveless'. Futashi on lead with Bob on back up. This UST was edited by Mr. Dark. I had no participation in making this one:

Ichijo Tetsunori

His voice bank only has like 20 syllables because it corrupted on my UTAU along with a lot of other ones >_< and he was an unfortunate victim. He is voiced by my husbando, Kageroza-kun. And I can't seem to get Kageroza-kun to do a re-record. His voice is still sexy even with the horrible mic quality and poor bank. I make him sing all kinds of stuf, but my favourite thing to do is to make him duet with Kitty-chan's UTAU as their voices are eargasm together. XD Not that he can't make me eargasm all by himself =//=. Also he sounds more authentic Japanese because well, duh.

A blend of different songs by him. Just me fooling around with bends and all that with him:

Tetsunori singing the chorus to 'Chou', but I was having trouble making it o.o:

If you knew my husband, you'd know that he has a number of phrases he most uses XD especially online where he is even more withdrawn than irl. "I see" (kinda like, oh really? that type of I see) is one of those phrases. So I took one of my fav choruses from one of my fav songs and make him "Sou ka" the entire thing. But I otoed it crappy and the K didnt come out right.....but yeah, xD He didn't talk to me for like a day after .......:

And this was the epic "AHHHH!" beginning to Cendrillon, because Ilove his Ah's and I wanted to make him sing the girly Ah part XD:
My pitch bends are a little bad, sorry. ;;

Matsuki Hiro

This is my favourite UTAU to work with. :D I love this voice so much but some of their bank was also corrupted ;;........Not many though so they mostly have a full bank. It was voiced by Emozomi-chan (female), but the UTAU's real gender remains a mystery. Still I love this voice. It gives me heartwarming tingles when I hear Hiro sing. XD I would marry his/her voice if that's possible. Before anyone asks, NO her voice was not gender bent. She has that deep of voice naturally.

Hiro badazzedly singing 'Funeral Nocturnal Luminescence':

Hiro showing a softer side of singing 'Beast Soul'.

It's time to du-du-duel. XD I found this ust and edited it slightly to fit. Hiro showing Duel Monster spirit singing 'Kawaita Sakebi':

Shinogati Reina

Our resident Neko-UTAU! She's a gentle cat girl with a high pitched, small voice to match. She also apparently can't say Japanese "r's" XD But we love you Kitty-chan! She is voiced by Kitty-chan (Christina). Her mic quality was one of the more horrible, but her bank is completely uncorrupted~ YAY. Her voice is the perfect pair to Tetsunori's. I'm making them do a few duets with custom harmonies~ >//<

Reina sings 'Aozora'. I did not make the UST, just edited:


Newcomer, whos bank was one of the most corrupted ever, although not as much as Tetsunori's or Dahlia's. However, his syllables can match most songs actual words, as you'll hear. :D He's voiced by dear old Vexen. And his voice is as sexy as evar. He's probably my second favourite UTAU to work with, beaten only by Hiro.

Here he is singing 'Sakurane' which most of our UTAU have sang because we had a contest. He won with his version, almost full kill :D:
Note: This song was not mixed. Since we did it just for contest purposes, but I'll have a mixed version soon.

And this is a short sample of 'Blue Bird'. I made the UST myself. I also tried mixing.:

And this is a short sample of my fav song by him. 'If You're Not Here' (I think is the title). I did not make the UST but I edited heavy. :
Note: Thank you, Kitty-chan for nominating this song for him to sing!
The harmonies are sex in my ears. Vexy can REALLY sing. Really.......


The worst victim of the corruption. Poor Dahlia barely has any syllables, but he wanted so bad to participate in the contest so I edited a portion of the song full of his very few syllable bank ;;; He has a full song coming out that has syllables more to what ones didn't corrupt. Also, no resamplers work on him. I'm not sure what the problem is...... Dahlia is voiced by Marly. Sadly, he doesn't have many fans. I hope his full song helps that change because he sounds so beautiful singing it.

Marly sings a sample of 'Sakurane':


One of my UTAU. I made her more attuned for english/clear engrish. She has a very distinct voice to match her character. As of right now she can sing in Japanese, Engrish, and a good bit English.

Zuzu's Engrish 'Firework' cover (Yes, the Katy Perry song). Made by Nuku and Mr. Dark:


A request cover. I don't know where they found the ust......I think the song is called 'Stella Marine':

Manai Yokoshima

Our most popular UTAU~ This is Manai Yokoshima. He is voiced by Mr. Dark who is the guy who got us all into UTAU to begin with. He was our first ever UTAU in Sumitsuki. His voice is very unique ;;; but very full of emotion somehow. People have stated that they could be "moved to tears" in the emotional songs he sings, which is what he prefers. I think he sounds similar to a Slig from Oddworld XD (but I love you Mr D).

This is my most proud work. I studied many UST and the song to make this. There was a very vital point where we thought Mr. D has committed suicide and this is the very song I wanted him to sing. I slaved on the UST for some days. So yeah this is the pride of my UTAU work on this one song right here. 'Uninstall'.:

His first song really ever released, 'Hidoor Utopia' and with it he scored the heart of Jei-chan XD Who is now his girlfriend:

There are many more UTAU ......but I save them for a nother post. So many ;___;. We are also mostly males (Girls hate me I swear XD ). But next you'll meet more of the UTAU cast. I'm going to leave you with some duets, etc.


Vexy and Dahlia get their groove on in the small intro of 'Insanity':

Reina and Tetsunori are 'Hurting for a very Hurtful Pain' in this WIP duet:

And now Reina and Tetsunori are begging for your love in this small harmonies test~:

Yaoi lovers rejoice. Tetsunori and Yokoshima make your heartrate rise in their sinful lust-driven song 'Magnet':
Mr. D you make me jealous being all yaoi with my husbando T_T

And that is it for my UTAU tour! Part 1 anyway. You'll meet Jei-chan and the Futashi/Bob Twin's mother and more on the next round.
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