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Originally Posted by gunnerpow7 View Post
Okay, how about one colony situated in where would Castelia City soon stand and the colony will be divided into 17 sectors, one for each type. Still thinking of another plotline besides the league thing... It's a WIP... But I will consider the rebuilding civilization part. Common Pokemon are the Fossil Pokemon, And some other Pokemon. But I will tell you that the strongest Pokemon in New Unova will be the Prehistoric Magikarp. Yes, Magikarp.
Hmm, it doesn't always have to be a league, there could be some sort of catastrophic event that the RPers need to stop, maybe there are dissenters (akin to the sixers) that have opposing ideals? Or maybe there are prehistoric people there too, and they don't want the invaders there?

Just a few idea's off the top of my head. The one colony, seventeen sectors sounds fine. And a prehistoric Magicarp? Interesting, will be looking forward to seeing it's power.