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Well, the announcing of a game out of the blue, is pretty different from just giving one of the key characters in a game a twin out of the blue. I mean there had been no signs of it at all, so it'd just be pretty weird. Not to mention that it just seems a bit dumb that the twin would suddenly take over the gym from their sibling :P

What are your thoughts on this? Would you like to see her in the anime just to get to know her more than just the games?

Yeah, Janine was just never quite explained in my opinion. I mean, we know that she took over the gym from Koga after he became part of the Elite 4, and that she's his daughter, but I don't recall anything else being explained about her. So yeah, I'd like to see her in the anime, but the only way that I could see that happening was if they made the protagonists return to Johto or Kanto like they did with Battle Frontier, but with all the B2/W2 stuff happening right now, they have a lot of other stuff to take care of, so I don't see that happening at any point.

An alternative could be if she made an appearance in later games, where she would be more explained and stuff, but that is also unlikely to happen. I guess Janine is just one of the characters that we'll never get to know much about.