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Originally Posted by Hikari10 View Post
Name: Hikari10
Partner Pokemon: Ellie the Emolga

Now, to answer the topic...

I love Electric-type Pokemon cos many of them have awesome designs. Some are very cute and others are very badass. Not to mention that some Electric moves like Thunderbolt can be learned by a wide variety of Pokemon, including several Psychic and Normal-types. My fave Electrics include - Emolga, cos it's so cute. Pachirisu, also cute. Manectric, love its design, cry and was a star on my Ruby team. Ampharos, cute and very useful. Magnemite line, for its large pool of resistances. And of course Pikachu, for being the mascot.
Hihi, welcome to the club! Great to have you on board :D So you love all these Electric types (and quite rightly so!), but which would you say is your favourite? c: And I agree about their badass moves; it really makes the type special imo <3

Originally Posted by Sector Revenge View Post
Amazing Looking Thread

: Sector Revenge
Partner Pokemon: Zector the Zekrom

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Electric Pokemon are just plain wonderful. They varies in strength, speed, cuteness, and meanness! Pikachu itself made Electric type what it is today, due to being face of Pokemon! My favorite would have to go on either Zapdos vs Zekrom. I really don't have a favorite to be honest, but I guess Electric Legendary Pokemon are quite awesome. Their look are fierce and that's what I like about them pretty much.
Hi Sector, welcome! :D What made you choose Zekrom as your partner Pokemon? :o I agree that Pikachu certainly is a very influential Electric type, but it's just a big shame that all Electric types are kinda known as being in the same class as Pikachu, whereas the Pikachu family really isn't that strong or good in battle D:

Originally Posted by Meganium90 View Post
Name: Meganium90
Partner Pokemon: Jolteon

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I am a fond fan of electric type pokemon. Raichu first fave but i chose Jolteon for a reason and that's for being awesome. :3 There's a lot of electric pokemon that i like, including Lanturn.

Hooray for attempting to join a club by phone!
Yay for phones! Welcome to the club, I never knew you were an Electric type lover :o What made you choose Jolteon for it's awesomeness? What makes it so awesome? x] Lanturn certainly is a wonderful Electric type Pokemon indeed; it's very unique typing and therefore diverse move pool makes it a perfect addition to almost any team! Shame about the not-so-great stats :(

Originally Posted by Zephele View Post
Name: Zephele
Partner Pokemon: Flit the Shinx

Regarding the topic...
I was going to say that what I really like about Electric-types are their high speed, but two of my favourite evolution lines (Mareep and Shinx) are actually quite slow, haha! But really, I just really enjoy having an Electric-type on hand, especially as of my latest playthroughs, to pierce through any stubborn bulky Waters in the way and look cool while doing it. My favourite Electric, and arguably also my favourite Pokemon entirely, would be Ampharos. The first one I trained saved me multiple times throughout the game, by being bulky enough to take a lot of hits, but also potent enough to dish them right back out.
Hihi, welcome to the club! Ahh finally a Shinx fan; welcome! :D I adore Shinx myself <3 Although I never knew how slow the Shinx family were; that's actually pretty surprising :o And it seems we have the same favourite Electric type Pokemon too! And the point about them looking cool whilst taking down those pesky bulky opponents is a great one; I can't think of a single Electric Pokemon that looks bad! So if you like Ampharos so much, what made you choose Shinx as your partner? :3

Originally Posted by Avishka View Post
Name: Avishka
Partner Pokemon: Jolteon

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I chose Jolteon for my electric type and I love it. It's quick and has a very high special attack status. i like many other electric type pokemon but now a days i like jolten
Hi Avishka, welcome to the club! So what other Electric types do you love other than Jolteon? c: Personally I'm not a huge fan of Jolteon, I find it really disappointing :( Although it looks utterly amazing so that's a big bonus! What kind of strategies do you tend to use for it? :3

So do you guys think Pikachu works as the Electric type mascot or do you think another Electric Pokemon would've been a better choice? :3 I'd quite like to see Shinx as a mascot tbh, it's incredibly cute and playful and becomes incredibly powerful!