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I guess it's understandable to lock the old thread so I'll re-sign up here for my single-game Bug-type challenge on Ruby. Feeling a bit wussy but I'm so sick of Kanto games that I can't be bothered to do an Ultimate.

I managed to beat Flannery since my last update in the other thread, thanks to more Parafusion and Mothra's Bubblebeam. She was still a Surskit at the time of her single-handed victory, I might add. I got the Claw fossil and revived it.
I also beat Norman and bypassed Winona to get to the Safari zone in order to catch a Pinsir which took forever. I'm currently stuck at Brendan's freaking Swellow, which loves to spam Double Team.

My current team is:
Lacero/Pinsir level 27
Hamlet/Volbeat level 29
Claude/Anorith level 28
Luna/Dustox level 29
Helio/Beautifly level 28
Mothra/Masquerain level 32

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