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    Alright, well, I've done a considerable amount since my update on the old thread, so I'm going to give a REALLY rough update before I start posting regularly.

    Challenge: Ultimate Monotype.
    Version: FireRed.
    Type: Normal.
    • Pewter Gym, defeated.
    • Cerulean Gym, defeated.
    • Vermillion Gym, defeated.
    • S.S. Anne, done.
    • Celadon Rocket Hideout, defeated.
    • Celadon Gym, defeated.
    • Lavender Tower, done.
    • Saffron Silph. Co., done.
    • Saffron Gym, defeated.
    Phew. Current team::

    Tempest: male persian, lv. 41.
    Monsoon: male pidgeot, lv. 41.
    Twister: female raticate, lv. 39.
    Quake: female fearow, lv. 29.
    Flood: female jigglypuff, lv. 28.
    Ch'ding: male farfetch'd, lv. 25.

    Boxed team includes Avalanche, a male rattata, Gamma, a female pidgey, and my original starter, Squirtle, who hasn't been used since Monsoon was caught.

    By the way, how is everyone getting those sprites in their posts? I wanted to use some in my team description, but didn't know how.