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interesting title eh? ;)

With the return of Johto, customs balls also made a return. Kurt, a resident of Azalea Town is able to create custom designed balls to fit a variety of specific Pokemon Captures, with the player only needing to give him an apricorn. The ball Kurt crafted for the player was dependent on the colour of the apricorn, as they came in a variety of colours; blue, black, red, green etc.

Did you use custom Pokeballs throughout your journey? What sorts? What type was your favourite? Why?

I employed the use of several types of custom Pokeballs myself, I especially focussed on making Kurt craft Fast Balls for me, so that I'd be able to use them on the roaming dogs/cats. (Entei, Suicune and Raikou.) I also took advantage of the net ball as well as the..heavy ball I think it was called, to catch Snorlax in Kanto and a variety of water pokemon throughout both regions.
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