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Since I finally beat White yesterday, I decided to spend the remaining time from now until White 2's US release working on finishing Platinum...which I bought months ago and played for all of an hour before tossing it (almost literally- part of the reason I didn't play it for so long was because I couldn't find it. I eventually found it in my waste basket as I was emptying it o_o) aside for White. Picked up Platinum last night and restarted, annnd didn't get very far.

Name: RedJ
Rival Name: Edward (I dunno, he always struck me as an Edward for some reason)

Total time: 44 minutes
Current team:

Malik (Turtwig) ♂ Lv8

Sarabi (Shinx) ♀ Lv3

Failsauce (Bidoof) ♂ Lv4

Star (Starly) ♀ Lv4