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    So I was really wanting to play with Budew and Buizel, so I thought, why not? I restarted my Pearl game just to try out these two, as well as Chimchar, since I've never really played with any of them. I decided to play as the girl as well, just to mix it up. I'm going to treat this as if it were a story almost. I'm only going to update this two more times, once after I defeat the Elite Four, and once after post game.

    My team, after gaining the fourth badge:

    Monkie, the Monferno Lv.34

    Nature: Naughty. Impetuous and silly.
    Ability: Blaze
    Move Set: Mach Punch, Fury Swipes, Flame Wheel, Taunt

    Story line: Lana has had Monkie her whole life, raising him ever since he was a Chimchar. However, once he evolved into a Monferno, he became too mischievous for his own good, as Lana lived in Jubilife City. He started causing trouble for all of Lana's neighbors, and would "monkey around" throughout the city. So Lana decided that it was time to get out of Jubilife City, and officially start her Pokemon adventure. Now Monkie is roaming the Sinnoh region, playing tricks on everyone he meets.

    Rosie, the Roselia Lv.36

    Nature: Timid. Likes to thrash about.
    Ability: Natural Cure
    Item: Big Root
    Move Set: Giga Drain, Toxic Spikes, Worry Seed, Grass Knot
    Beauty Ribbon, Normal Rank winner.

    Story Line: On her way to Oreburgh City, Lana came across a little Budew looking at her reflection in a small pond. Monkie, seeing this as just another oppurtunity to play a prank on someone, tried to sneak up behind her to push her into the pond. However, the Bud Pokemon saw the monkey's reflection in the pond as well, and quickly ran away. Lana felt sorry for the little Pokemon, and, after scolding Monkie, went after it. She apologized to the Budew, who was shyly hiding behind her own vines. While the two were talking, Monkie grew very bored, and saw that Lana had left her bag on the ground behind her. A quick grin flashed across his face... He reached inside, pulled out a Pokeball, and threw it at the little Budew. Lana very angrily turned around to yell at her Monkie as the Pokeball shook 3 times. Then, with a ding, the little Budew was hers.

    As they went on their travels, the Budew became attached to Lana. Now named Rosie, the little Bud revealed her dream to be a Beautiful Roserade. Lana promised to help Rosie reach it. The friendship that grew between the two allowed Rosie to evolve into a beautiful Roselia, getting her one step closer to her goal.

    When the team got to Hearthome City, Lana and Rosie decided to check out the contest scene. They entered the Normal Rank Beauty contest, just for fun. They knew they were the underdogs, and had no real hope of winning. The important part was that they were practicing. However, defying all odds, Lana and Rosie won their first contest! Now proudly wearing a Normal Rank Beauty Ribbon, Rosie's dream of becoming a beautiful Roserade still burns brightly.

    However, Rosie is not just a Beauty Queen. She has proven to be a very competent battler. She was singularly responsible for winning Lana two of her badges: The Coal and Fen Badges.

    Foxie, the Floatzel Lv.34

    Nature: Serious. Proud of its power.
    Ability: Swift Swim
    Move set: Swift, Crunch, Agility, Aqua Jet

    Story Line: The first day of her journey, Lana made it as far as Floaroma Town. With her Monferno and Budew, she decided to stay the night at the Pokemon Center, and check out the Valley Windworks first thing in the morning.

    With a fresh start, the team set out to explore the cool building. However, on their way, a fierce Buizel jumped out of the tall grass, right in front of Lana's path. The wild Pokemon expressed a clear desire to battle. So without hesitation, Lana sent out her little Rosie. Even with the type disadvantage, the Buizel put up a great fight, but ultimately lost. However, she would not accept defeat. The Sea Weasel Pokemon started following Lana around, expressing to her and her team that it only wanted to grow stronger, and she felt that she needed Lana to do just that. Lana was happy to accept, and sent out a Pokeball to catch the very eager Buizel. Lana nicknamed her Foxie.

    Every day, Foxie would always do her very best, trying to become stonger and stronger. Using her agility and her strength, she was able to take down tough competition with ease. She soon became so strong in fact, that one night, just as Lana was about to reach Solaceon town, Foxie evolved into a very strong Floatzel. She is now a key player in Lana's team. However, Foxie may be a little too serous for her own good. She rarely takes time to just relax, and Monkie's carelessness tremendously irks her. The two do not get along.

    HM Slaves: Bibarel and Wingull (Soon to be Pelipper). Honorable mention goes to previous HM Slave Buneary , who was my HM slave up until this point.
    Current Challenges:
    Nuzlocke Run: HeartGold
    Tri Species Challenge: Pearl (Skuntank, Lumineon, Bronzong)
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    Solo Run: Dewgong (Blue), Dodrio (Blue), Kangaskhan (Silver),
    Nuzlocke Challenges: Red, Crystal, Ruby, Sapphire