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Suggestions Thread

( I was going to make this prettier but lazy. Deal with it.)

As you can tell the Prettiest Profile Contest hasn't exactly been up for months. There are several reasons why this could be, but one of them is due to the lack of wanting the new one to arrive. In the past when it was time for the new PPC people would ask where it was. That, and we had volunteers who would help host the PPC. However, the past few PPCs have (mostly) been hosting by yours truly and both of us would really enjoy the help that was given in the past.

There were two or three ideas tossed around in the blog I had posted, and while not many people posted to it and offered ideas the ones that were tossed around are ones I would love to give more discussion to. I like to do things in steps, which is why I had posted a blog in the first place. That, and at the time a blog was quicker since with a thread I would have had to contact Netto first.

But now that there is more to discuss I want to lay down some things on the floor for people to discuss. When finished we can definitely see about picking the Prettiest Profile Contest again for both Other Trivia and Pokemon Trivia. Here are the ideas.

Past Winners allowing to participate
It's been speculated that the reason why the PPC isn't as strong as it was before was because those that were interested had already won and thus there were many people who were finding it interesting as a result. With allowing past winners to participate it'll up the competition once again and hopefully spark some activity as a result. While I'm certain this idea will be put into play some ideas/details on how this should go would be very much appreciated. As a note though: we sort of want to avoid making a second emblem for the PPC, and we're not going to give out the emblem twice. But let's see what you all come up with.

Possible Themes for the contests
Rather than simply having the same thing every time perhaps themes would make the contest more exciting? At the very least we wouldn't be seeing the same profiles trying to win again and again especially if we allow past winners to come and participate again. Pokemon theme, of course, would be for the PT PPC and other themes, such as perhaps 'school' or 'flowers' will so into the normal PPC here in Other Trivia.

Timespan between each contest
Back when it first started it was one every three months or so. Then it was one for each Trivia forum every season (so eight in total). However, that in itself is a bit much so we're looking to possibly change how long it should be between each contest. One idea is one for each season, so two in Pokemon Trivia and two in Other Trivia. Would that be all right or would anyone like to propose another idea for the timespan. Note that if you want to keep it the way it was we would definitely need more of the following:

In the past we had a ton of people who wanted to host the next PPC. But now no one really does. We would love people to step up and host the PPC again, and with this one I wouldn't mind making an emblem for those who do host it. However, I don't want to regret making the emblem for when everyone has the emblem there is no one volunteering so any other suggestions would be nice. I would rather not want to go back to how it currently is haha. As a note here: hosting the contest is two people. The one who sets the contest and does the CSS and keeps tracks of who joined while the second person has the important job of receiving and keeping track of the votes.

Voting process will stay the same. There have never been any problems with that way of voting and I don't want to try to change something that isn't broken.

I think that's about the gist of it. Any other suggestions that you have that isn't a part of anything above you're still welcome to suggest/ask/etc etc!
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