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I completely agree that having themes would be a good incentive for people to participate more. And not just the generally generic themes of "summer" or "winter" or whatever either. Creative themes would be a good thing I think, with perhaps unique Emblems for each one? That seems like it would also encourage more people to participate-- people like new emblems/prizes. Giving them unique ones every time doesn't seem that difficult a feat, plus it's new and fresh sorta.

Also, expanding on the topic of prizes, maybe we could talk about a potential Supportership or something for multiple winners or w/e. Or, perhaps even something along the lines of having at the end of the year like a profiles finals, where all four winners for the year are voted on again to decide who wins and get a special emblem for that as well. Or give a/the supportship to the victor.

Also, as far as helping goes, like I've said before: I am glad to help with anything so long as it doesn't require me to use any kind of fancy coding :V