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    Recruiting a Team Member

    Team name: TBA
    Team Leader: DaSpirit
    Current Members: Rocket-Dock, xAlien95 (deviantArt), Pokemon-Diamond (deviantArt)
    Current Game title: Pokemon RisingEmerald
    Current progress made: We are currently in progress of rewriting the game engine. Not much progress is made so far in terms of programming the actual game. We have a working 3D overworld and a textbox engine so far (I started programming 5 days ago).
    Position(s) needed: Spriter
    Timezone: Any will do. I live in the US, while the other team members live in Europe.
    Preferred Method of contact: Skype(preferred), MSN
    Link to your PC thread: Link (This project was renamed to Pokemon RisingEmerald and we are restarting it)
    Additional info: We are looking for spriters who would sprite anything, including Overworlds, Tiles, and Menus. Right now, we want to change the overall style of the game to make it a unique remake. One of the things we want to do is to increase the resolution, so tiles would have to be 2x bigger. We also want to have bigger OWs as part of the new style. The game is in 3D (similar to BW) and is being created in GameMaker 8. Our team uses a shared folder on Dropbox so we can easily upload resources and a group chat on Skype to keep in contact.
    Note: Still looking as of 7/17/12!
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