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    Team name: Undecided
    Team Leader(s): CapricornPsyche, UushiBushii, and WaterMystic277 of deviantArt
    Current Members: CapricornPsyche, UushiBushii, and WaterMystic277 of dA
    Current Game title: Pokemon Atomic and Nuclear versions. don't worry, were working on one game at a time and trying not to rush anything.
    Current progress made: 10% or less on storyline and characters
    0% on the actual game itself
    Position(s) needed: Spriter, mapper, scripter, Composer of music
    Timezone: three timezones, Eastern time US & Canada, Pacific time US, and Austrailia, but we try to meet all together some time durning the night Eastern time.
    Preferred Method of contact: Skype, three of us make calls on there all the time, my skype name is psygal (very old name) or PM me on Pokecommunity. P
    oh! and here's the thread currently for the game

    Please show us examples of your work! I'm looking for some experienced people out here, something that is impressive and catching to the eye. If it's low quality work then chances are they will be ignored.
    I herped my Derp!

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