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Originally Posted by Miss Doronjo View Post
Rachel "Fox" Worth
One who deceives! I like this. I had a lot of fun reading the RP sample, the dealer and Rachel have good chemistry going on. Awesome, you're accepted!

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Originally Posted by machomuu View Post
Name: Rin Shavi
Much better! I like it a whole lot better like this. She's more developed as a thief! <3


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Originally Posted by The Final Watchman View Post
Alan Destin
Your writing style is fine, I just want to see more of your RP Sample! It finishes way too quickly! It's over before they barely start to talk. If you can make their conversation a tad more interesting and lengthy, then you should be ok. :D

Originally Posted by Izuya_Namikaze View Post
Name: Antonio Chambers
Yes, better! Way better. Though pink eyes is probably a little weird, this is Pokémon, the land where all of the nurses in the world are dodecatripletuplets. Accepted!

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