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    Name: Seth Brown

    Preferred Starter Pokémon: Mankey

    Appearance: Seth is a tall boy that has long flowing black hair and a boyish face. He rather weak but is actually capable of bench pressing about a hundred and fifty pounds. He wears a black leather jacket over a usually white shirt. His shorts are made of Denim and are a little too tight around his waist. He wears normal white socks but his shoes are black from mud and other debris.

    Roleplay Sample:

    Seth was really excited for his encounter with Jude Laughner. This was his chance to go exploring for this treasure beyond belief and get half of its contents. The line was certainly a long one but the more it shortened the more anxious Seth felt. The Interview no longer felt like a simple matter but rather that his life was at stake. Only three more people before his turn. Two more people. One more Person. Then the last man went out with a sulky expression on his face. Was he just rejected? Thought Seth. Seth walked with a rather awkward stride towards the famous treasure hunter. Jude was a middle aged man with a bit of peach fuzz around where a mustache and beard would have been. His brown jacket looked nice over his pink dress shirt and his pants were made of the finest black silk ever to be found.
    “So you want to find this treasure eh?” Jude asked with an English accent.
    “Yes.” Seth replied simply.
    “Well then, why do you want to be a treasure hunter, for riches, for popularity? Tell me.”
    This was the question he had hoped to avoid but it looked like he had to answer it,
    “I honestly don’t know why. I may find out as I go but I don’t truly know.” This answer was the honest one he really didn’t have any idea why but he wanted to.
    Jude sighed and said,
    “There are many things in this world we cannot answer right away. Since you were so honest I select you to be the hunter and the recipient of half the earnings of the find.”
    Seth was bewildered he couldn’t believe he actually did it but there was one more thing he needed to know,
    “Sir, I don’t have a Pokémon though.”
    “Not to worry I have one for you.”
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