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    Name: Alex (Well, duh xD)
    Epithet: Tomeningen (Transparent man)
    Bounty: 74.000.000
    Age: 20
    Home sea: North blue
    Appearance: Something like this:

    Imagine him with black hair, black clothes, without the gold rings and necklace and a less evil expression.
    Personality: Love to party, but serious when needed (Kinda like Shanks)
    History: *Will add later*
    Abilities: Tome Tome no Mi*, armament haki (Still weak), almost no knowledge in weaponry.
    Jolly Roger: A skull and crossbones with a star behind it.

    * Tome Tome no Mi ("Tomeina" means "transparent") is a Paramecia-type devil fruit which allows its user to become transparent (Not invisible, just like a ghost transparent). The user can make either some parts of his body transparent, or his whole body (Except the feet, kind of like the Bara Bara no Mi). While in that "ghost-like" transparent state, everything passes through the transparent body parts, and they themselves pass through everything (So it's impossible to land a hit and it's impossible to get hit).
    Strengths: The Tome Tome no Mi allows the majority of the users body to become impossible to hit. The user could still make his hands non-transparent and land hits with them.
    Weaknesses: It's impossible to make the feet transparent. The user can still be hit with armament haki.

    I hope this is better xD If the devil fruit seems "too powerful", I'll gladly change it to something weaker. I still have lots of devil fruit ideas xD