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    Ah, ok. I just wasn't sure.
    It just seems too similar to the Yami Dark-Dark Fruit's theme, to me.
    Edit: Ok, I approve of the new profile.

    My reactions to the latest manga chapter...
    Manga 676
    Well this was quite a surprising and interesting chapter.

    Smiley sure had the intelligence of a Salamander. xD

    About that fruit in the sled, I'm not sure what happened there.
    I'm not even fully sure if that fruit is now a devil fruit.
    Here are my two theories about it...
    • Smiley kind of just died, so his powers turned back into a devil fruit.
    • The reaction of Smiley turning into the shi-no-kuni gas some how affected the fruit and turned it into what looks like a devil fruit.
    I wonder how the Straw Hats, Marines, and Law will deal with the Shi-no-kuni Gas.
    I'm guessing that it will cover a majority of the island before the arc is over.
    And Caesar probably engineered the gas so that it's tough to get rid of.

    I'm guessing that either Monet or Law threw the note to Chopper.
    And both present interesting possiblities...
    If Monet did it, then that means she could be secretly against Caesar/Vergo.
    If Law did it, then he's a pretty sneaky guy, and it probably ties in with his 'counter attack'.

    Also, does anyone else think that the silhouette, in the right panel, that's watching Caesar's demonstration looks like Rob Lucci? o.0