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    Pirate Profile
    Name; Gebrinius Hermes

    Epithet; Quicksilver, Felt Hat

    1. 80,000,000 (deserting, stealing a marine ship, and stealing a devil fruit in marine custody)
    2. 126,000,000 (attacking Marine Base G-2, assault of a Vice-Admiral)
    3. 234,320,000 (attempted murder of another Vice-Admiral)
    Age; 22

    Home Sea; Grand Line

    Affiliations; Quicksilver Pirates ; Captain, Helmsman, Navigator

    Appearance; Hermes is a slender and muscular man; standing about 5’11” (1.8m). Blue eyes, silver goatee, and silver colored wavy hair that extends a few inches below his shoulders. Hermes has a black fedora hat, which serves as one of his trademarks. His clothing consists of a gray dress shirt, black slacks and black leather dress shoes. Tattooed on his right hand is the symbol for the planet/element Mercury.

    Personality; Hermes is usually a calm and collected person. He tends to be sarcastic to others if they are annoying him, though. Hermes has great respect for his crew mates and will do everything possible to keep them from harm if in danger. He is willing to make friends with other pirates if he gets a good vibe from them, but he does understand that they are still his rivals. Hermes hates marines who believe in absolute justice and will show them no mercy. But as a former marine, he is sometimes conflicted about his path.

    History; Hermes was the son of a Marine officer and aspired to be just like his dad when growing up. Since his father was a Rear Admiral, Hermes was able to meet several high profile people; including a few Vice-Admirals and some Cipher Pol agents. Hermes went through training to become a marine, starting at age 15. He climbed up the ranks fast, because of his father’s connections and his early skills with Haki and Rokushiki. Hermes eventually achieved the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade.

    When he was 18, Hermes’ father was killed by a Vice-Admiral while protecting two citizens suspected of aiding a pirate; his father was the only one who knew they were not. Hermes was not told which Vice-Admiral killed his father, and he couldn’t get a straight answer from any of his father’s friends. Hermes’ trust of the Marines, and the World Government, had been shattered. He rebelled by stealing the Silver-Silver Devil Fruit and running off with a standard marine ship (not the ones used at Marineford) in the middle of the night.

    Hermes then traveled the Paradise half of the Grand Line in search of information and a crew. He had gained several members after just a few months, including a cook, a doctor, and a shipwright. About six months after deserting from the Marines and starting his life as a pirate, Hermes got a lead about two potential suspects for his father’s murder. Hermes and his crew infiltrated Marine base G-2, in an attempt to take Vice Admiral Comil hostage for interrogation and a possible execution. Hermes was successful in reaching Comil, but found out he was not the man that killed Hermes’ father. They were able to escape relatively safely due to an unrelated distraction cause by N. Neeya. Neeya would later end up joining the Quicksilver pirates and become the first mate.

    Two years later, just a few months after the Whitebeard War, the Quicksilver pirates would attempt an assassination of Vice Admiral Lawfoot D. John. It was during this fight, that the Vice Admiral admitted to killing Hermes father, saying that he was simply dealing with a traitor in the “according manor.” But even with the combined efforts of Hermes and Neeya they were not able to kill John before re-enforcements arrived, costing Neeya his life and forcing the surviving pirates to retreat. Aroo, Neeya's former pet Transponder Snail took his death quite hard.

    Jolly Roger; Hermes' Jolly Roger is a silvery skull and cross bones wearing a fedora hat.

    Abilities; Rukoshiki: While his training was not completed, Hermes is proficient in some techniques.
    • Finger Pistol (Shigan): Hermes can use the standard Finger Pistol technique, as well as a flicking variation similar to Rob Lucci.
    • Shave (Soru): Hermes has mastered the fundamentals of the Shave technique.
    • Iron Body (Tekkai): Hermes has mastered the fundamentals of the Iron Body technique.
    • Tempest Leg (Rankyaku): Hermes has mastered the fundamentals of Tempest Leg, but prefers to use the technique with his arms more often.
    Haki: Hermes’ Haki abilities awakened during his time as a Marine. Although he has not fully mastered them, his is still proficient.
    • Observation Haki (Kenbunshoku): Hermes is well versed in this form of Haki and effortlessly incorporates into his fighting style.
    • Armament Haki (Busoshoku): Hermes has mastered the fundamentals of Armament Haki and mainly uses it to enhance his Mercury Blade when needed.
    Devil Fruit: Silver-Silver Fruit (銀銀の実 ; Gin Gin no Mi)
    The Silver-Silver Fruit is a Paramecia class devil fruit with the ability to allow the user to create and manipulate seemingly endless amounts of mercury. A side effect of the ability allows the user to measure changes in temperature, atmospheric pressure, and blood pressure.
    • Heavy Metal (ヘビー メタル ; Hebī Metaru): The user launches a stream of mercury to infect the enemy and to cause death by heavy metal poisoning.
    • Mercury Blade (水銀 ブレード ; Suigin Burēdo): Hermes forms blades of mercury on him limbs or he can make them sprout from a surface covered in mercury. They are capable of inflicting heavy metal poisoning on the person cut. Hermes can use Iron Body to increase strength and sharpness; but is vulnerable to counter attacks if he misses. He can also imbue the blades with Armament Haki to allow him to hit Logia Devil Fruit users.
    • Mirror Armor (ミラー 鎧 ; Mirā Yoroi): Hermes’ body or part of his body can turn metallic to reflect beam based attacks. It can also be use as a regular mirror.
    • Metal Eater (メタル イーター ; Metaru Ītā): Hermes can use the mercury to dissolve most any metal, except for Iron.
    • Silver Bullet (銀 銃弾 ; Gin Jūdan): Hermes uses Finger Pistol to fire mercury bullets by flicking his fingers.
    • Heavy Metal Injection (ヘビー メタル 注射 ; Hebī Metaru Chūsha): Hermes uses the standard Finger Pistol to stab opponents and secrete mercury into their body.
    • Silver Statue (銀像 ; Gin-zō): Hermes covers his body in mercury while using Iron Body and/or Armament Haki to harden and strengthen it.
    • Silver Crescent (銀 三日月 ; Gin Mikazuki): Hermes launches a crescent of mercury using the Tempest Leg technique.
    • Silver Mace (銀 槌矛 ; Gin Tsuchihoko): A spiked mace version of Mercury Blade with the same side-effects.
    The only special weakness of the Silver-Silver Fruit is that Iron has a resistance to some of its abilities.

    A few of the characters in the history section were designed by a friend.