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    Meep (Entei Dorm Lobby)

    Meep nodded as he listened to Skye introducing his friends. The Pokemon he was currently holding didn't seem too fond on meeting the strangers its trainer was talking to. The one that resembled a Teddiursa, however, looked as if it was glad to meet some new friends. Heart was looking down at it and was swaying her tail in return.

    "Forgive me if I come off as a little nosy," Meep apologized. "It's just that I've never seen a Pokemon native to the Unova region in my life. I can't help but admire their exotic presence. As for Fluffernut here..." He gave a quick glance over to Fluffernut, who was still performing his juggling act without trouble. "He actually taught himself the tricks that he knows. Back in Celadon, my family runs a little daycare for residents that are too busy with other business to look after their children or Pokemon, so he uses his talents to entertain everyone during the day." Returning his focus to Skye, he then reaches into his bag and pulls out two apples that he and C.J. hadn't eaten earlier, offering one to both Rama and Pala. "Anyway, I'd like to offer some apples as a gift, in honor of our new friendship! I don't know what food Pokemon from Unova prefer to eat, but I'm hoping that these will satisfy you. They were grown and picked all the way from my mother's garden in Kanto!"
    The Pokémon Trainer Academy

    (PTA OOC, Page #108, Post #2696)

    Foxfire - Ninetales (F) [Lv. 23]
    Known Moves: Flamethrower, Will-O-Wisp, Hypnosis, Energy Ball, Double Team, Heat Wave
    Fluffernut - Flaafy (M) [Lv. 19]
    Moves: Thunderbolt, Cotton Spore, Power Gem, Light Screen, Charge, Cotton Guard
    Heart - Eevee (F) [Lv. 1] {Appearance: Gray Coat, Black Mane, Blood-Red Eyes}
    Moves: Tackle, Helping Hand
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