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As Mark ran over to Valorie, he noticed that her Dragonite was actually heading toward him. He remembered that Dragonite saw him as a father like figure. Snype jumpped off of Mark's shoulder so that he wouldn't be in the way and Kara flew a bit of a distance as well. Mark quickly stopped in his tracks as Dragonite pulled him into a big hug. He couldn't help but smile. Dragonite was such a peaceful giant and still had the personality of a young child. It was cute.

"Haha, I missed you to Dragonite!" Mark said happily. He looked down at Valorie and quickly noticed she was wearing a half cape.

"Hey! I like the new look Val! Dunno why but the cape really suits you! Reminds me alot of Lance... where did you get it?" Mark asked, still being hugged by Dragonite. He looked over to Haru, of course not knowing who he was. He would have waved but his hands weren't exactly free from the hug.

Snype looked up at Dragonite and waved at her.

Trainer Academy RP Pokemon
Snype (Sableye)- Lv. 52- Detect, Shadow Sneak, Will-o-wisp, Low Sweep, Foul Play, Taunt (Ability: Keen Eye)
Commodore (Porygon-Z)- Lv. 55 -Signal beam, Conversion 2, Recover, Tri Attack, Ice Beam, Trick Room (Ability: Trace)
Len (Poliwraith)- Lv. 53- Bubblebeam, Brick Break, Body Slam, Belly Drum, Sleep Talk, Rest (Ability: Water Absorb)
Able (Ninjask)- Lv. 46 - X-Scissor, Slash, Double Team, Protect, Baton Pass, Swords Dance (Ability: Speed Boost)
Kara (Gligar) Lv. 35 Acrobatics, Substitute, Fury Cutter, Knock Off, Slash,Toxic (Ability: Poison Heal)
Xerox (Ditto) Lv. 35 Transform (Ability: Imposter)

(In Box)
Shedinja- Lv. 35 Fury Swipes, Confuse Ray, Sand attack, Leech Life, Mind Reader, Scratch (Ability: Wonder Guard)
Omanyte- Lv. 35 Brine, Mud Shot, Rollout, Ice Beam, Protect, Bite
(Ability: Swift Swim)
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