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    Jack Jacobs
    Rocky Mountains

    Every step they took led them closer and closer to the sound of the pokemon Kilik was chasing, and the other sound Jack was hearing was Ruby's story which to be honest he still couldn't get past the Latias thing.......was Ruby that good or something. Upon arrival though it was obvious that the Deino was in trouble "Even in the pokemon world you have bullies" Jack shuck his head and watched as Kilik stepped up to defend the pokemon.

    "I don't like your tone young man" Jack joked as he was rushed by Kilik to help him out in this little battle. Jack reached for a pokeball from his waist not even thinking about bothering Blade for this little battle with these wild pokemon, plus it would be well needed experience for anybody who he used to fight. He eventually made his choice and sent out Grip, the pinsir, to go and assist Tentou in the battle and despite his feeling about this late night trip Jack wasn't going to stand by and pass up the little fight.

    "Anytime your ready Kilik" Jack smirked as he watched Grip stretch and prepare.........
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