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Originally Posted by Thwultimatety249 View Post
you should make a counterpart of this it looks pretty good
As stated above, it may or may not happen.

Originally Posted by 0shawott View Post
Why is everyone telling you to make a counterpart? I don't get it! Just let him finish this first!
Anyway, I've really liked the look of this hack from the very beginning. For some reason I really like the first town and route, because they had the sea to the north, and I just thought it looked really great and unusual. But you've restarted the hack since then, so has this changed?
Good luck with the rest of this hack because it looks great so far! (and I love that you've used the FireRed tiles)

Thanks haha. Yeah, we started completely from scratch, so that town and the route didn't get reincluded xP. Glad you enjoy our hack so far, we'll be posting updates more frequently!

Daydream White version

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