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    Recruiting a Team Member
    Team name: BlueYami
    Team Leader: Sukiyami (Me), Varion BlueFire (Nintendork15)
    Current Members: Sukiyami, Varion BlueFire, Catman
    Current Game title: A couple projects, but the only one we are showing currently is Pokémon Eon Version
    Current progress made: Check project thread for this, url will be below
    Position(s) needed: Spriter, Tiler, Scripter (RMXP preferred, but any others would be much appreciated as well)
    Timezone: GMT (England)
    Preferred Method of contact: MSN
    Link to your active PC thread:
    Additional info: We only require one of each of the positions listed above (I think we'd prefer one person for each position). PM me or Nintendork15 if you would like to apply, and we will take a look at your sprites/tiles/some demonstration of your scripting ability. Timezone is GMT, but we are online most of the night + day.

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