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Originally Posted by kenshin- View Post
The pokemon are not the slaves of human. You have to remember about charizard and ash. When charizard refuse to fight. Ash couldn't do anything. So, charizard is not a slave. If he really want, he could go away but he stay with ash.
I think he liked to tease Ash with his disobedience. He wanted Ash to know he wasn't going to be reliable. He knew he was Ash's Pokémon and could be called back to his ball at any time, so he wasn't trying to run. He just showed that he didn't care. That changed after he got turned into a block of ice and Ash spent the time thawing him out.

But yes, the same idea is shown in games, too. If a Pokémon is above Level N, above which level players without the Y Badge are not going to be able to command it, then it will do whatever it wants. If you think about it, as far as the anime goes, Corphish did the same thing when the group met the Winstrate Family; Max borrowed the Corphish and in the third battle won even though the Pokémon ignored him; the attack it used just happened to be its best one.

But yes, a Pokémon belonging to a trainer almost in a sense shares a lifeline with the trainer. When the Pokémon is hurt, its trainer will protect it with his or her life. And the Pokémon show the same respect for their trainers.

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