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If it's a new album, then I like to take the time and listen to it all the way through. Sometimes I have to listen to the album a few times so the songs leave an impression on me, with usually a few of them standing out more than than the others. Those are the songs I'll end up playing the most from the album.

In the case of multiple new albums, I'd usually listen to each album all the way through once before listening to them all on shuffle. However, if one album in particular stands out above the rest, then I'd spend more time listening to that album instead.

Sometimes I hear a song I really like, for example, right now it's "Ready or Not" by Bridgit Mendler - don't judge me - and I'd just play it repeatedly until I wear it out or I become obsessed with a new song. This can apply for albums as well.

On some occasions I leave my iTunes open and have it on shuffle. That's usually when I don't know what I want to listen to, so I let iTunes decide for me.

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