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    Atlus Midgard

    The alarm went off for the 15th time, and Atlus decided to look at the time in stead of slamming the snooze button. It took a few moments to register that it was rather close to class time. He jumped out of bed quick as possible, knocking most of his pokemon awake, excluding Clamari and Nevermore. After a quick shower and getting dressed(black shorts and dark blue shirt), he ran out the front door after returning his pokemon and tieing his shoes.

    (a while later, in front of "the Classroom)

    What the Psyduck?? Go to the beach? He is really going to be late now. Knowing the class(Self Defence), he will probally have to do a lap around the beach. Made harder, as he found out yesterday, since sand tends to move, makeing it both harder to walk/run in, but oddly, less impact on the joints.........or falling. However, if he doesn't get hurrying, the teacher will probally really get mad. Atlus released Nevermore mid run, and said, "Their is probally a small group *pant* of an adult and some teens my age, so *pant* could you lead me to them?"

    Nevermore flew off, and quickly spoted the group, being the only gathering along the fairly empty beach. Nevermore pointed the way, and once Atlus got within eyesite of the group, Nevermore took roost on a sign which said something to the effect of watch out for wild pokemon. Atlus walked up, though other than a few glances from other students, everyone was buisy streaching. The teacher was looking out to sea, apperantly staring at the sun. Atlus wasn't sure when they were going to start, but it was lucky for him that they were just streaching. Well, mine as well start streaching the ankle and work my way up....... Atlus thought as he took a seated position and started streaching.
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