Thread: Weekly Poll: Burgh vs Striation Gym Leaders!
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    Originally Posted by Elgyem View Post
    To all of you who think that just because the idiot triplets have a Fire-type they will win, let me bring up this point to you: Burgh has a Dwebble, which is part Rock-type, and it knows Smack Down, a Rock-type move. Burgh also has 3 Pokemon, as opposed to the Triplets' two. Burgh would obliterate the triplets.
    You know, obviously in a matchup they'd fight with evenly matched Pokés... And the triplets use Water-type which murders Dwebble.

    I'd go for the triplets, they're a reasonable challenge for being the first gym. Burgh should've been the second gym, he's too weak. Whirlipede can't do anything, Dwebble sucks, and if you have one of Pignite/Darumaka/Tranquill, heck even Woobat, Leavanny dies a horrible death.

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