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My first game was Blue Rescue Team, and when I first heard of the games, I wanted to be a Pikachu. When I got the game, I was so excited to take the little quiz and to pick Pikachu. I ended up with Mudkip. I decided to try again, and got Bulbasaur; frustrated, I tried one last time, and got, yet again, Mudkup! So, I just picked Pikachu as my partner and played as a Mudkip. I like Mudkip, don't get me wrong, but I just wanted to be a Pikachu.

I really loved being Mudkip, though. I eventually evolved into Swampert, and it ended up being my very first level 100 in any Pokémon game ever! I regret starting that game over and then giving it to a Gamestop...

My next game was Time, but I forgot what I was; same with Darkness. XD In Sky, when I saw the new Pokémon added for starting with, I wanted to be an Eevee, Riolu, or Shinx. I decided with Riolu and took used my guidebook to cheat on the quiz and get Riolu. Then I eventually started over and got Eevee, then started over again and got another Riolu! Partnered with Shinx and beat the main storyline (haven't beat post-game yet.) Not going to start over, again, though. XD I like these two. :3

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