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Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII.
That ending wrecked me. I practically bawled all the way through the credits and I still get pretty morose any time I think of it. (Although I've stopped tearing up every time, at least!) What makes it worse is you know it's coming. If you've played FFVII or seen any of the compilation you know Zack Fair isn't in it aside from flashbacks or visions. So the game has to wipe him out by the end but the way they work even the freaking battle mechanics into his death scene is just so horrible. Aerith's mega cure reel comes up that fraction of a second too late? Gah.

Honourable mention goes to Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days since that made me cry too except there's a line in the death scene that makes you snort with laughter when it comes up and (understandably) kind of ruins the mood. (YOU ALL KNOW WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT IF YOU'VE PLAYED.)

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