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    Well, in Hoenn I think there is an ok amount of water (but lots of people think there is too much). Like 50/50. But in water it is harder to avoid Pokemon battles in the wild if you don't have a repel and you go slower because you don't have a bike. So I would be ok with having more land. And also my first game was Sapphire so I beat Team Aqua so they're evil imo! Rawr :3 .

    And between Groudon and Kyogre I don't like one above the other because my moveset for Kyogre is usually Surf, Ice Beam, Thunder, Hydro Pump which can kill Groudon no problem and for Groudon Solarbeam, Thunder, Flamethrower, Fissure/Earthquake. They can both be super effective against each other so they can fight evenly. But having said that Kyogre is more special attack where as Groudon is more Physical. So Kyogre's attacks would do more. But still if it's between the two Kyogre, if it's just personal preferance both
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