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    Originally Posted by GardevoirxGalladeForever View Post
    As the title suggests, this is about R/S/E GBA games. Anyway... Which team are you on? Magma/Groudon or Aqua/Kyogre? My favorite R/S/E is Rayquaza, but there's no team for that legendary. I'd have to be on Magma. They're so cool! And have a good 'mascot'!
    I want to make this clear. M/A aren't evil, they just have different opinions. It's the religions of the Gen III PkMn games.

    If you'd please, state your favorite leaders of the teams. The bosses, Maxie and Archie, or the Admins, Tabithia and Shelly?
    Hold on a second. They aren't evil? I would say attempting to awaken destructive pokemon for the desire to expand land/sea is possibly one of the most selfish and evil things imaginable. Think of the devastation if either of those things happened. Not to mention they brainwash people into thinking like them and try to use force to get what they want. Although that last point is a common theme of all the criminal teams in the games.

    As for the actual question. I prefer Team Magma purely because I much prefer fire/ground pokemon over water, despite their obvious frailties. I also felt that Team Magma's story with Mt. Ember, etc was more exciting.

    Not to mention that humans kind of need land to, you know, live on. No point raising the sea levels if you'll end up drowning your granny.
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