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It's a little hard for the raters here to help you with a coherent team that isn't centered around Gen/Tier specific guidelines, you know? Without that information, it's hard to determine exactly what kind of threats you will be facing and therefore what Pokemon would be best for your team. Anyway, I have a few nit-picky things to add-- depending on your resources, of course.

Milotic likes having Dragon Tail to avoid becoming set-up bait and since you already have SR on Probopass, it's probably the best idea unless you're up against some serious walls. Also, her EVs don't need to be spread between the defenses. A simple 248 HP / 252 Defense / 8 Speed is best so Milotic can outspeed Adamant Aggron.

For Probopass, Volt Switch is probably a better option than Pain Split for you considering 2 out of your 3 Pokemon are weak to Water. It also helps Probopass function as a good defensive pivot. As for its ability, I'd go with Sturdy, there's not too much room for trapping Steel types (in NU). And finally, maxing Probopass's Sp. Defense EVs will no doubt give it more special bulk-- than afterwards you can balance out its defenses with a Bold nature.

You mentioned no legendaries... But what about Pokemon like Raikou or Zapdos, both of which are UU and can help with your Ground weakness?