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    Wow, your story is quite interesting. 14 hours of sleep? I'm jealous. D: However, I can say as someone that goes to a public school, yes and no.

    I say yes, because public schooling opens up far more opportunities for bullying and distractions. I was at one point diagnosed with depression because I was bullied so much in school for being poor. Also, there are tons of distractions, such as sleep, that can interrupt learning. Where I go to school, we start the day at 7:20. That is far too early. Because of that, large amounts of students fall asleep in class.

    However, I also think that public schooling is a really good idea for those who can handle it. You receive irreplaceable social experience and you are opened up to so many different ideas. For example, I started getting into Pokemon in 4th or 5th grade because a friend of mine loved it and told me all about it. Also, I like the challenge of doing work in a class, and the experience of different teachers giving me knowledge about many different subjects.

    There's lots of pros and cons, and I'm not really sure if the pros outweigh the cons or not. It just all depends on the person, in my opinion.
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