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Originally Posted by redjacketalchemist View Post
The only two Wii U games I have any interest in at the moment are Zelda and Dragon Quest X, and even those two aren't enough to get me to buy one yet- Zelda's never been a system seller for me, and DQX is an MMO that I'm sure we'll have to pay to play when (if) it makes it over here. All the other games are already on other systems or sequels to games I've never played, so I'll be passing on the Wii U for now. might actually be a good time to get a Wii >>;;
I think Xbox is the only system with a Pay to Play MMO game/status.

None of the others have them, and the Wii had Monster Hunter Tri which wasn't Pay to Play.

I didn't even know DQX was coming out for the Wii U...Now I really want to get it but can't afford it D=

As for the console I doubt its going to get a price drop anywhere before another console comes out, and the games may rival that of the PS3/Xbox game prices now since the Wii U can actually start to compete against the big boys.
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