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I remember I got this game on the exact day it came out. I was pretty excited to pick it up, and watching the opening sequences were extremely invigorating. My journey through Unova has to be one of my most memorable ones yet. A completely new region, new Pokemon, and a refreshing story! I must say, it's one of the better experiences with Pokemon yet, and it's a simple yet necessary reminder as to why I am so in love with this culture. I will say this, it started to drag me down a bit after a few months. I'm so ready for a new adventure. The music (particularly Castelia) and the battle graphics sort of bogged me down a lot, but all it took was a revisit to Sinnoh, Johto, Kanto or Hoenn to refresh me.

One thing that I loved most about this game was it was released during my school's testing period. Being a senior, I had no testing to do, so me and a few friends would play Pokemon. Cool thing about our school is, it's so small that something like Pokemon can exist among our classmates and actually bring us together. So beyond it being a way to pass time, I renewed friendships and bonded with my class. I owe this game a lot for that. It's been my goal to complete the Unova Pokedex ever since, and I'm almost there! I haven't had a lot of time to work on it between Conquest, KH3D and LoZOoT. But the game was well worth my time and money. I enjoyed this game immensely, even if it isn't my most favorite in the series.
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