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Time for me to tell my story n____n

So um, apparently we were meant to be shopping that day but they decided not to and THEREFORE I had to catch a bus in, alone, to pick up Black and White, lmao. I pre-ordered from Dick Smith but they didn't have the games yet! Sooo I cancelled pre-order and went to EB Games, hoping they had them and SUCCESS THEY DID! Thus I brought the games, and the collectable strategy book which is quite pretty because the cover is holographic. Anyway so I then just missed the bus iirc, so I had to wait for a bit and I looked at the back cover of the book and everything and I was so excited omg. Then when I got home I was like omg must take photo of me and my games!!! Thennn Nan and Pop complained that I wanted to play the games straight away, but then I got on my laptop, and the weather was like light-ish (it was morning) but it wasn't completely sunny because there were shadows of sunlight through the window kinda like now sort--YES EXACTLY RIGHT NOW I cannot take a photo however, as it wouldn't capture how great it really is. Anyway so I went on IRC and I remember Erica was there and I started commenting on the games in IRC and I was very excited. Then like, I remember asking what my first Pokemon to capture should be and somehow we all agreed on Lillipup, or I did? But yeah. I WAS SO EXCITED THE REGION WAS SO PRETTY I WAS LIKE OMG I HOPE ROUTE ONE IS LIKE WHERE IT IS EVERYWHERE. UNFORTUNATELY IT WASN'T BUT OH WELL!!

To conclude, amazing day. :)
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