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    Originally Posted by Maruno View Post
    Yes, Essentials has a 512x384 screen. However, it also has the option of halving this, and playing at 256x192, which means if graphics aren't made to suit this smaller size, they'll look odd when they're shrunk. I know, only a prat would play at the smaller size, but I'd still like for the screens to suit those dimensions if possible.

    You're still assuming that the card information screen will be nothing more than displaying a screen-filling image of the entire card at once. That screen's design hasn't been decided yet.
    well cards cant be made to suit the smaller size without losing important details...
    and this kit should be compatible with essentials and not copy anything essentials has right?
    imo this kit should have the screen size of 512x384 and if people want to add this kit to essentials they have to use essentials at 512x384 screen size as well...

    and i dont assume that only the cards will be displayed on the card info screen...
    if we insert the cards on the right (or left) side of the info screen in the size i suggested there will be enough space (almost half of the screen) where more stuff can be written/shown/added...

    Originally Posted by Awkward Squirtle View Post
    Since this is going to only be playable on a PC, you should make use of its advantages. For example, use RMXP's full resolution instead of the DS's tiny screen size - you'll be able to fit more on the screen, and card images will be easier to read. Also, try to implement mouse controls; it's much easier just to hover your mouse over a card to see what it does, or drag it to move it between your library and your deck, than to use the keyboard for the same things.
    you forget that this kit will be compatible with essentials...
    so adding full screen and mouse control will most likely not implemented...

    Originally Posted by Awkward Squirtle View Post
    They also allow you to filter the list of visible cards in various ways, such as by card type or expansion set. Filtering in particular I don't think I could live without; I know you want to organise the cards into pockets, but what if I want to find a Stage 1 Pokémon capable of doing at least 80 damage with one attack, regardless of type? With your plan, I'd have to manually search through hundreds, possibly thousands, of cards.
    i agree with you that filters are important but i think adding them at the beginning of the kit would make things more complicated then they need to be...

    Originally Posted by FL . View Post
    If the longest card have a great name (like more than 40 characters), consider putting "..." in some card names that have more that 20-30 characters, with full name restricted to card details.
    for to long names using a smaller font would be the best way to solve the problem...