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    Originally Posted by Awkward Squirtle View Post
    First, ditch the deck editing layout from the Game Boy game. It's a real pain to work with to make decks - you can't see your actual decklist anywhere while editing. This makes stuff like adding energy cards to the deck annoying, since you don't have a list of how many Pokémon of each type you're using.
    If you have a better design in mind, show me. Don't just say "I don't like this design" without offering an alternative. For the one specific gripe you mentioned, a number next to each pocket's icon could indicate how many cards in that pocket are in one's deck.

    Originally Posted by Awkward Squirtle View Post
    Since this is going to only be playable on a PC, you should make use of its advantages. For example, use RMXP's full resolution instead of the DS's tiny screen size - you'll be able to fit more on the screen, and card images will be easier to read. Also, try to implement mouse controls; it's much easier just to hover your mouse over a card to see what it does, or drag it to move it between your library and your deck, than to use the keyboard for the same things.
    You're missing the point that I'm making this as an add-on to Essentials (because it has useful code I want to use). I'm restricted by what Essentials does (i.e. screen size, no mouse). If you're suggesting that I turn it into a standalone project, then say so. And if that's the case, I might as well make it in Java or something free and even less restrictive, and etc. etc. I need to stop somewhere, and all I know is Essentials, so it might as well be there.

    If there's an existing project I can contribute to instead, let me know and I'll consider jumping ship.

    Originally Posted by Awkward Squirtle View Post
    Take a look at some PC versions of TCGs and how their interfaces work. Figure out their problems and how to fix them; use the things that work in your own game. For example, the ones I've played show both your library and your decklist at the same time on the deck editing screen, side by side. They also allow you to filter the list of visible cards in various ways, such as by card type or expansion set. Filtering in particular I don't think I could live without; I know you want to organise the cards into pockets, but what if I want to find a Stage 1 Pokémon capable of doing at least 80 damage with one attack, regardless of type? With your plan, I'd have to manually search through hundreds, possibly thousands, of cards.
    Why would you ever need to search for such a card? The way I understand the card game, you make decks based around elements, so having Pokémon cards arranged by element is a good start. I've already said I want to ignore anything further than that for now.

    Please bear in mind that I'm not a genius who can just whip up anything he wants but is choosing to restrict himself just for the sake of it. I'm lacking in many areas of knowledge, and any restrictions I have are to make my life easier and to avoid areas I know I'm not capable of tackling. I don't have experience with filters or list sorting.

    Once again, if you can think of a better system, show it to me rather than make offhanded comments along the lines of "system X is better because of a vaguely described feature whose relevance and importance to your project isn't even explained or justified".

    Originally Posted by Awkward Squirtle View Post
    I second the 'recipes' suggestion. The main thing I didn't like about the Game Boy game was that if I wanted to use my Double Colorless Energy cards in a new deck, I'd have to remove them from the deck that's using them first; a waste of time, especially since I'd have to move them back if I wanted to go back to that deck.
    Discarding/trading/etc cards isn't a big problem - after each discard/trade/etc, go through each decklist, and if they contain any cards in a greater quantity than you actually have, fix it. This means you can trade cards that are currently in a deck too, which is a nice thing to be able to do.
    Decks are already recipes. You cannot get rid of a card if it is being used in a deck. A deck is not allowed to be incomplete, for simplicity.

    Originally Posted by Awkward Squirtle View Post
    In regards to acquiring cards, I think it would be best to let the developer decide whether to use currency or just get cards after winning. On the note of acquiring cards, please implement a switch that gives the player access to unlimited quantities of every card in the game, or at least a command that gives the player 4 of each card (and 60 of each Basic Energy/Arceus card). Some people want to earn their cards themselves, while others (like me) just want to build decks. I understand if you don't want to put this in, though!

    I would try to simulate the card game as closely as possible, so things like Pokémon Powers and Abilities would stay as they are. It wouldn't be impossible for someone using the kit to change this if they wanted to.
    I'd rather have something that exists and works first, before trying to cater to people just wanting a duel simulator. I don't think I ever would anyway, because that's not a game and it's not what I want to make.

    Of course it will work as much like the TCG as possible; otherwise there's no point saying it's a TCG-based game.

    Originally Posted by Awkward Squirtle View Post
    I made a small start in implementing a Pokémon TCG system, and one of the things I found troublesome was deciding whether you have enough Energy to use an attack. With only Basic Energy cards or only single-type attack costs, this is easy. But once you start to include attacks that require multiple types and Energy cards that provide several types, it's a bit trickier. For example, say your Pokémon has a Rainbow Energy and a Darkness Metal Energy attached, and you want to use an attack that costs 1 Darkness and 1 Fire. A human player will tell you it's OK, but a computer will need to figure out that the Rainbow Energy must be used as the Fire requirement rather than the Darkness requirement. I haven't really thought about it that much; can you figure something out?
    I store attack costs in an array (e.g. [Fire,Fire,Colorless]). When checking whether a cost can be met, I would create a "cost pool" from this, and an "energy pool" from the attached energies (Rainbow counts as Rainbow for now, but some other energy-providing effects are counted). I would then delete energy pairs from each pool. From what's left in the cost pool, remove one per Rainbow energy (this is the final step; other Energy cards like Blend Energy should be considered before it, as they're more limited). In the end, if the cost pool is empty, you can afford it.

    It's just a matter of considering the most restricted energy providers first (Fire Energy can only provide 1 Fire) and the least restricted last (Rainbow can provide 1 anything).

    For attack effects along the lines of "+10 damage per attached Water energy not used to pay for this attack", that amount could probably be calculated afterwards, using what's left in the energy pool.

    Originally Posted by FL . View Post
    If the longest card have a great name (like more than 40 characters), consider putting "..." in some card names that have more that 20-30 characters, with full name restricted to card details.

    I know this, but if you have only type filters (yes, I know that this is an example), this have the same effect. Please note that is very easy to get lost with a huge number of cards, several filters are necessary.
    It's quicker to start with pockets as I've described than to apply a filter you're probably going to use anyway.

    I'm still ignoring filters for now, anyway.

    Originally Posted by the__end View Post
    well cards cant be made to suit the smaller size without losing important details...
    and this kit should be compatible with essentials and not copy anything essentials has right?
    imo this kit should have the screen size of 512x384 and if people want to add this kit to essentials they have to use essentials at 512x384 screen size as well...

    and i dont assume that only the cards will be displayed on the card info screen...
    if we insert the cards on the right (or left) side of the info screen in the size i suggested there will be enough space (almost half of the screen) where more stuff can be written/shown/added...
    You could still have the big graphics, but show only the top or bottom half at once (like in Asobikata but alternating/scrolling between its two screens). That's an example of how to overcome your concern; whether it's a good design or not is irrelevant, because it's a design you didn't suggest (proving that you're still stuck on the idea of the entirety of the card being shown at once). Think outside the box and consider all possibilities, even bad ones.
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