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    When I first faced an Emolga at Nimbisia gym, it took me quite a while to avoid being crushed by the pesky Pokemon. Later, after being stuck on Skyla's gym I had no choice but to grind away on my Emolga. Result? At level 30 it beat every single trainer and Skyla herself with barely a scratch. I decided to keep using Emolga until after Ghetsis, but I'm not sure how good it actually is, so I made a small analysis.
    The average Speed Stat is 66 for all Pokémon, and the average for all fully evolved Pokémon is 78.
    Emolga has a base speed of 103, which is faster than a lot of Pokemon, including some of the bulkier legendaries. Emolga is even slightly faster than Zapdos, who has a base speed of 100. Also, buy a few Carbos and Emolga will be even faster.
    Electro Ball is a move that deals more damage depending on your speed, dealing up to 150 base damage if you are four times faster than your opponent. Emolga can also learn Thunder Wave, which is instant paralysis and quartering the opponents speed. Which means, any opponent slower than Emolga will most likely take a hit from a 150 BP Electro Ball and any opponent faster will take a hit from a 120 BP Electro Ball.
    Thunder Wave is also a decent stalling tactic by its self. However, Emolga can also use the following:
    -Double Team
    -Substitute(And Roost)
    This Pokemon is made for being a nuisance. Getting in three Double Teams/Flashes will make it twice times as hard to land a hit. Six Double Teams/Flashes will make it three times as hard. These moves make it incredibly hard to land a hit on Emolga. Swagger will confuse the opponent, which combined with paralysis alone, reduces the chances of landing a normal 100% accurate attack at 25%. When combined with a maxed out double team, this is reduced to 8.33%. When combined with a maxed out flash, this is further reduced to about 2.66%. This is all theoretical of course and would take 14 turns to set up, which is impractical. But 12.5%(1/8, three Double Team+Swagger+Thunder Wave) in five turns is pretty good. Roost heals half of Emolgas HP, making it very useful if your opponent does land a hit.

    THE BAD:
    The average Defense stat is 70 for all Pokémon, and the average for all fully evolved Pokémon is 83
    Emolga has 60 defence, which is pathetic for a Pokemon that doesn't evolve. It's attack is spot on the average, but as stated before, it does not evolve. It also has sub-par special defence and average special attack. In summary, is other stats are terrible.
    Another downside is its typing. Any rock or ice moves will finish off Emolga incredibly quickly, if not in one turn. Ground types are virtually invincible to Emolga's moveset. A possible counter is to Volt Switch out if you think you're going to be blown apart by Stone Edge etc and switch to a stronger, more resistant Pokemon.

    -Flash/Double Team
    -Thunder Wave
    This would be the basic stalling moveset. Confusion has a 50% chance of dealing damage so just sit back and relax as your opponent hurts itself in it's confusion.
    -Double Team
    -Thunder Wave
    The sweeping moveset. Electroball will deal with any paralysed targets in an instant. Laying down spikes with another Pokemon could be a goood idea too.

    It's decent with high speed and annoying movesets, but one hit could be the end for it and its low damage doesn't help at all. Overall, in my opinion, Emolga is a pretty cool Pokemon. Looks epic too.

    What do you guys think of Emolga?