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Alright kids.

The RPOs was a whim of an idea. It wasn't to replace the RPAs altogether, just the Q3 or whichever was June-August because of the Olympics. The RPOs had collaborative events but surprise surprise, though people joined, not actually many people participated.

And now, the Roleplay event is PURELY for the PCX. It's not because we think we don't have enough events. It's for FUN. Also, there are definitely collaborative events for that. Aka the battle event for that.

After all this, we'll be going back with the RPAs, which will take place in November or something, I'll have to re check.

Of course, if anyone has any ideas for events, I'm happy to listen and stuff, as long as youre prepared to organise it. That's what happened with the RPOs. The only thing I did administrative wise for that was create emblems.
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