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    Originally Posted by Jambo51 View Post
    How are you implementing the legendary battles? If you're using special 0x137 (or whatever it is), I may be able to help. You see, this special has its own set aside music loader, which I have a hack created for. I can't access the code right now (I'm on my phone), but I assure you it works, and it would not interfere with the GBP insert locations. I can't help if you're using wildbattle, as opposed to set wildbattle + special 0x137.
    I bet my tirade of questions sound a bit like begging now, don't they?

    The legendary special is typically special 0x138, but special 0x137 serves the same purpose, just for icy areas. I did try looking for something to hack which music loads for what Pokémon, but all posts I found were either questions that never got answered or questions with answers that never had more of a response than "it would require ASM hacking." Hence me posting the poll with the decided opinion that there just wasn't a solution right now.

    Just through my various searches alone I would have never found out that a hack for it does exist, or if it had ever been posted, so this is great news!

    I just feel bad that it feels like I'm relying on your hacks too much...
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