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    Shawn heard a small commotion within the forest as he slowly walked, cursing himself for not finding an easier pathway. He kept his eyes open, one hand ready to snatch up some reinforcements if needed. Zapper remained on his shoulder, pointing the direction that they saw the glint.

    Suddenly, he heard a voice coming from within a small clearing..."Whenever you're ready." Shawn didn't know who it was, but it was worth finding out. Besides, he had no clue on what else to do. He tried to move faster, but still silent as possible.

    He found the edge of a clearing, where the sight of a small Aipom and large Skarmory facing each other caused him to smile. Shawn looked to Zapper and asked quietly, "Is this what you saw?" She nodded, but pointed to a female in the clearing, as well. He couldn't stop looking at her, but kept switching his attention between her and the Pokemon there. He also noticed the Croagunk in there somewhere, but figured he wasn't part of the possible battle.

    Shawn stood, leaning against a tree, as Zapper perched on his left shoulder. He wanted to see what would be happening in this area.

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