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Seth handed Lucas his hat, which had been sitting at his feet.

"Now that that is done, how about we try some strength training. Scyther, go chop down a tree and drag it over here." Seth said, and Scyther jumped up and ran over to the edge of the clearing. Seth released Doom and Apes, and waited for Scyther to come back.

"If you would like to train with us, go right ahead." He said to Lucas as a tree fell a bit into the forest. Scyther soon returned, pulling a large log behind him.

"Okay, put that right there, and everybody line up next to it." Seth said, not bothering to see if Lucas repeated the order or not. He didn't even check to see if his two Pokemon had joined them.

"Scyther, I would like you to cot the log into five equal parts. Once he's done, everyone pick up their section. If it's too heavy to lift, notify me." Seth instructed. Doom soon barked, trying to tell him that he couldn't lift it.

"Don't worry buddy, I've got something different for you." He said, vouching next to the dog Pokemon. "You see that section of log? I want you to roll it to the other side of the clearing, then back the other way. Got it?" He said in a low voice, which was met by another bark.

"As for the rest of you, you will be carrying your log while walking the perimeter. After you feel comfortable with that, start jogging, then running, and so on and so forth, stopping after doing at least five laps of each. If you need to stop, go right ahead, but you will have to restart your laps. Ready? Go!" Seth said. Scyther picked up the log quite easily, and began to walk around the perimeter. Apes, however, was having trouble lifting it. Seth walked over, and helped him get it off the ground. Apes then started following Scyther, although going slower. Doom had proceeded to roll his log across the field, going slightly uphill. One time, the log fell over, and Doom barked at it until Seth had come and picked it back up.
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