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    Lucia Francisco Bernavard - Advanced Training Club

    Roberto was rather annoyed at the names he was called and scissors finally did it for him. He let out a cry that made it obvious that he was accepting the challenge as he stood out in front of Lucia and readied his body for battle. Lucia nodded and called out Samuel next to her. The Absol yawned loudly and cracked his neck as he looked at Roberto and the opponent Lucia was facing. Roberto himself clamped his pincers together angrily as he glared at the man.

    Lucia sighed and nodded, "Fine. We will be battling then. Still, I do not know your name though. I am Lucia Francisco Bernavard, and I believe that ladies are allowed the courtesy of going first, correct?" She asked. She wasn't sure if this man had any specific codes for battle, but she would fight as hard as she could. Still, if he found this club then he himself would surely be powerful. His pokemon would put up a decent challenge for Roberto and perhaps this could be worked into their routine as well. Just a club where she could train her pokemon without needing to search all around for a decent trainer.
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